Thank you is not enough- Kathy

"I did find the balance, my inner strength, to love myself unconditionally and look at myself with
pride and no inhibitions. My family too became proud of the new found strength.
Thank you is not enough to the one who guided me back..."

NET TV (Άννα Δρούζα - Η ΖΩΗ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΠΑΙΧΝΙΔΙ) Athens Greece

"Fantastic choreography"


Sweeter than Chocolate - Kathy

"Ever since I can remember, I always loved chocolate. You helped me re-discover myself
and through the art form of dance, the taste of chocolate is much sweeter."

ALPHA TV (Ελένη Μενεγάκη - Καφές με την Ελένη) Athens Greece

"Breathtaking, Amazing"

I feel very aware - Jennifer

"When I dance i feel as though I am discovering the range of motion of my body.
The music makes me imagine curving, undulating movements. I feel very aware
of the shape and curves of my body as a woman."

Letting the music guide you - Anna

"Its such a feeling of empowerment that comes over you, when you imagine closing your eyes
and letting the music guide you"